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Craft Stamp Maker

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Craft Stamp Maker Craft Stamp Maker

Now with the Instastamp Craft Stamp Maker, you can make any style of Rubber Stamp from photographs, drawings, text or clipart!

The Craft Stamp Maker makes stamp making simple and tremendously enjoyable; plus incredibly economical. With it, you have the capability to make rubber stamps that are on-par with professional quality at much, much less of the price! This is because the process of making rubber stamps with the Craft Stamp Maker is identical to commercial stamp making machines.

Craft Stamp Maker

Craft Stamp Maker

Craft Stamp Maker

Now you can create your own professional custom designed rubber stamps from just a simple laser print, including PhotoStamps (the new rage in craft stamps!) If you're serious about making rubber stamps, this is what you've been looking for!

The Craft Stamp Maker also makes the rubber dies needed for self-inking text stamps, ideal for making business stamps. Plus, when you purchase the Stamp Maker you receive a powerful photo conversion program that will convert photos into stamp making artwork! Now, at last, you can be making a birthday card and use your own custom-designed stamps made from your own photos!

When you purchase the Craft Stamp Maker you also receive enough stamp making materials to make at least 60 average size custom designed stamps, over and above the other items included in the kit.

Click here to go to our shopping cart for details, or read on to find out more about this brilliant stamp making machine and offer.

The Craft Stamp Maker allows you to create unique custom designed rubber stamps that are both cheap and on demand whenever you have the need for a new rubber stamp. So, if you love creative stamping or are addicted to rubber stamps and stamping, you can be inspired and let your creativity flow, now having the ability to make your very own clear view rubber stamps at home! If you enjoy making cards as well, this machine brings your card making ideas alive, being the perfect addition to any card making kit.

Craft Stamp Maker
"Stamp Making Materials available in the USA"

The stamp maker arrived with comprehensive instructions and it makes wonderful rubber stamps. You can see where you are stamping with these stamps as they are almost clear. Although the stamp maker comes from Australia, the stamp making materials are available in the USA which is good.

Sue Wright - Illinois, USA

*for USA supplier contact details visit the contacts page

Craft Stamp Maker

InstaStamp, who manufactures the Craft Stamp Maker, has been supplying the commercial rubber stamp industry with rubber stamp making equipment for numerous years now. We are very excited about the Craft Stamp Maker, as it allows you to make professional rubber stamps easily and in the home. With this machine, you can build the rubber stamp collection you were previously only dreaming about.

As you know, making stamps is fun and enjoyable- something that can be shared with your family and friends. The kids or grand-kids can enjoy making stamps from their own drawings, and you can make an exhaustive range of clear stamps from almost any image, including photographs. Rubber stamps are also very popular in the craft of card making, and coupling this machine with your card making supplies enables you to make cards for all occasions, featuring stamps of family photographs.

At last! These craft stamp ideas are easily and simply done with the InstaStamp Craft Stamp Maker : Christmas rubber stamps for Christmas card making, alphabet rubber stamps for phrases, angel rubber stamps, Disney rubber stamps, animal rubber stamps, Halloween rubber stamps, cat rubber stamps, baby footprint stamps... and these are only a few! Let your imagination run wild, as now whatever you imagine can be made into a rubber stamp using the Craft Stamp Maker! Stamps for scrapbooking, card making and even business are easily produced with this machine.

Craft Stamp Maker
"You won't be disappointed with the InstaStamp Craft!"
We were lucky to be one of the first people to purchase the InstaStamp Craft Stamp Maker and accessories. The system comes complete with an instructional CD, which makes it very easy to understand the rubber stamp manufacturing process. Within hours we were perfecting craft stamps with ease. Not only is my wife enjoying making craft stamps but I am producing the rubber dies for self inking stamps mounts. The InstaStamp is well priced and very affordable.
You won't be disappointed with the InstaStamp Craft!

Mick Flori - Craigmore, South Australia
Craft Stamp Maker
Craft Stamp Maker
"The best after sales service!"
A few weeks ago I bought the Stampmaker and it arrived quickly and safely! After a few tries, I now make the perfect stamps. Robert has helped me every time with so much tips and adjustments to improve the stamps, it's the best after-sales-service you can imagine! So, you're not just buying a Stampmaker with tons of supplies (timer, cd, guide, etc. so you can start right away), you're also getting as much help as you need.

Nicole - The Netherlands
Craft Stamp Maker

The hassles of looking for a rubber stamp supply is now over when you have the Craft Stamp Maker : your very own stamp making machine. All sorts of stamps can be easily created with images similar to stamping dies that you can purchase from regular outlets like Stampin' Up, Hero Arts and Penny Black!

Craft Stamp MakerThe Craft Stamp Maker is designed to let you make  craft stamps the easy and enjoyable way. Since the InstaStamp Craft Stamp Maker is a scaled down version of the bigger commercial machines used by professional stamp makers, it's able to transform your stamping ideas into perfectly shaped rubber stamps- creating first-rate quality, custom rubber stamps.

Craft Stamp MakerUsing only 'commercial grade' polymer in a 'no mess' sachet (one of the reasons why making stamps with the stamp maker is so easy), your rubber stamp impressions come out as crisp as the stamps you purchase in stores! This Stamp Maker is much more than just a rubber stamp making kit - it allows you to create quality rubber stamps from almost any medium.

Simply take a hand drawn design, a photo, or a computer generated design, and transform it into your own unique custom made rubber stamp! Now you don't even have to be professional to get it exactly right. Anyone can be a rubber stamp champ in no time at all!

Craft Stamp MakerStamps finished with the Craft Stamp Maker have a solid clear backing, and easily peel on and off acrylic blocks due to InstaGrip, a brilliant and inventive clear stamp matt that clings to your acrylic blocks. Instagrip is also supplied with the Craft Stamp Maker.

Craft Stamp Maker
"I use one in my craft classes!"
I purchased this great stamp maker for my own personal use and to use at my craft classes. I found the operation of the actual process of making a stamp very easy and get fantastic results. After doing the first one I didn't even have to read the instructions, its that easy. The stamps themselves are fantastic and love the finishing product, there is so much you can do with it. If anyone were to ask me 'is this a worthwhile buy?' I would say definitely 'yes' ...its fun....its easy to use and if you use your own imagination you will have stamps no one else has! Thank you to a great team at www.makingstamps.com my purchase was made easily and received in great condition as promised.

Helen Williams - Bullengarook Victoria Australia
Craft Stamp Maker

So, what do you get when you order the InstaStamp Craft Stamp Maker?

Firstly, as a bonus over and above the powerful InstaStamp Craft Maker unit and the full Craft Maker System, you receive enough stamp making materials to make at least 60 average size custom designed stamps. This means you won't need to spend any more money on stamp making for quite some time!

Secondly, you receive the entire Craft Stamp Maker system that includes :

  1. A full and easy instructional CD,
  2. A powerful photo conversion program to transform your photos into stamps
  3. 20 x sheets A5 Vellum, you will print your artwork onto this.
  4. 10 x A6 sachets of InstaPlate, the polymer that your stamps are made from.
  5. A washout brush, for washing away excess polymer after processing.
  6. Washout Solution, makes washing your stamps easy.
  7. Post Exposure Solution, for the final hardening process.
  8. A Countdown Timer, with 3 digital displays and alarms for each process.
  9. An A5 sheet of InstaGrip, used on your set of acrylic blocks so you don't need glues or adhesives when mounting stamps.

Thirdly, the Craft Stamp Maker comes with a 12 month replacement warranty for your peace of mind.

It's worth stating that the price of the replacement materials is very affordable when the need arises. You will never need to purchase stamps ever again with the Craft Stamp Maker! If you already do purchase stamps on a regular basis you will find that you will recoup the cost of the Craft Stamp Maker in very little time. Future stamp making materials are also very easily available here online from our shopping cart.

The Stamp Maker is made in Australia and our AUD dollar is super low at the moment, this means you can buy the stamp maker today much cheaper than in the past, to check how much $549 AUD is in other currencies at today's rate click the following link:-

Convert the Cost of the Stamp Maker into Another Currency

Or click here to go directly to our Shopping Cart and purchase your InstaStamp Craft Stamp Maker.

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